The Winter Food & Wine Pairings: The White Edition

We all know Winter is the perfect season to enjoy great evenings with the best food & Wine pairings. Here is our top 3 suggestions of traditional dishes to pair with white wines.

La Fondue Savoyarde

What is better than enjoying a Fondue with some friends on a cold winter night?! Not much. Enjoy this most famous recipe with an impressive melting characteristic made with comte emmental and beaufort cheeses cooked with white wine and garlic. Any dry white wine can be used in the cheese mixture (chenin blanc and riesling are some of our favorites), and there are many white varietal and even some reds that pair perfectly with this rich, creamy concoction.

The Black Truffles

Known as the “Diamond of Perigord”, the black truffles are an all-time winter favorite! This perfectly pairs with an aged White Burgundy that acquire earthy and musky tones with time.


At home or at restaurant, be an Alsatian for an evening! Enjoy a hearty, comforting and filling dish during this wintertime melted with a mix of sausages and charcuterie. And who says Alsace, also says the traditional pairing with one of two locally produced wines: either the rich, spicy Gewürztraminer or the steely, fruity Riesling.