Harvest Time At Latourba!


With breathtaking panoramic views, Latourba’s soil has witnessed history and civilization across History from the Phoenicians to the Romans and the Ottomans... Today, Latourba embodies the goodness of the fertile earth and tradition. It brings together artisanal methods, viticulture, and historical knowledge that dates back to ancient times. Each wine is a celebration of different notes and aromas!


All grapes are sourced from Latourba’s private owned vineyards at the slopes that are connecting Mount Lebanon to the West Bekaa valley. Each parcel of grapes is vinified separately to create a single variety range of wines, expressing the unique “terroir” of Latourba.

With its most precious residents, healthy grapes, the land of Latourba prides itself on crafting some of the finest red, rosé and white wine around; not to mention, the region’s first production of sparkling wine.


The moment the entire year’s efforts have led up to is finally here again: it’s harvest season. The season starts when the grapes start to change color in late summer and culminates when Latourba grapes arrive to the crush pad between August and November.

This September, get the chance to win an invitation for 2 and spend a full day in the Latourba Vineyard with any purchase of Latourba wines!

Experience the Harvest with a guided winery tour, tutored tasting with the owners, and an exquisite lunch in the vineyard by the lake.

Competition from 2 till 26 September for 10 lucky friends or couples!