Let's Beer!

Beer. Arguably the world’s favorite drink, is consumed and praised by so many around the globe. As Plato himself stated: “He was a wise man who invented beer”. Many other great men and women have also expressed their love for it and have endlessly praised its presence in their lives, Shakespeare, Nora Roberts, Anne Sexton, Martin Luther, and Benjamin Franklin to name a few.

The golden drink, believed to be the world’s first alcoholic beverage bears many legends about its origins. The simple and common story in all versions is that it was derived from grains, the first cultivation that pushed the development of cultures and societies several thousand years back. Nowadays, after an extensive and on-going evolution of the art of brewing, it comes in a wide variety of styles, tastes, colors, textures and even costs attributed to the different methods, regions, ingredients and secrets of each brewer.

No matter which one is served, Beer is always the “team” drink, the drink of choice of most - if not all - gatherings and happy celebrations. It has become the representation of our social rituals: Sports games, Concerts, Get-togethers at bars, Happy Hour, BBQs, Parties, Beach days, and Camping are all natural Beer scenes. It also made its way into many central and eastern European breakfasts and integrated into many dishes and cuisines, either for cooking or pairing purposes. Beer can also be intimate. Even when consumed individually, Beer always brings a taste of “fresh reward” to its consumer and is associated with relaxing and taking a day off.

With so many occasions and ways to drink it, one would think that it’s (almost) always Beer O’clock.

Luckily, with the endless variations and combinations of beers and occasions, one can always have the favorite setup of his/her choice. And here comes the technical part: Personal preferences vary but several factors can temper with the taste of a beer and could alter the whole experience. Knowing these factors and maintaining their consistency is advisable for those who seek a perfect Beer tasting: To find the perfect Beer, one must surely experiment a lot (but that is not bad news is it?) to find the perfect brew while making sure to have the perfect conditions for it. This means storing properly, cooling at the right temperature, serving the right way and in the right glass and finally opting to enjoy it by itself or with foods that would enhance its taste and make it a “degustation”.

Our new selection of Beer covers quite some exciting types for you to indulge, so go ahead and dive into the world of exceptional brewing with:

  • Almaza, Lebanon’s Undisputed Beer including its light and dark versions
  • Heineken, the beer of the world
  • Birra Moretti, the Pride of Italian “Birra”
  • Sol, the Original Mexican Cerveza
  • Mort Subite, a cherry flavored Lambic straight from Belgium

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