Kapriol Gin Dry 70Cl

The recipe for Kapriol Dry Gin includes up to
15 plants, including hops, oregano and laurel,
distilled according to an ancient technique of
“low-boiling distillation” (or cold distillation).
Many other typical “botanicals” of the
Alpine localities are also used: there are
Angelica, Camomilla, Cardamom, Caraway,
Coriander, Gentian, Lavender, Mint, Mugo
Pine, Rosemary and Rosa Canina.What is
surprising about Kapriol, however, is the total
absence of citrus fruits. This characteristic
was inherited from the homonymous
liqueur of 1948.The main notes are those of
balsamic and aromatic herbs, dry and earthy,
with savoury fresh herbs among balanced
hoppy bitterness and delicate florals.


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